My name is Richard C., I am 59 years old and a Master Carpenter for over 20 years. I’ m happily married and we have 3 adult children and 5 grand children.

On Friday, during the 2014 year, I was in bad shape and having a lot of pain. I could hardly walk. My wife drove me that same day to Dr. Ryan L. May of, May Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. Located in East Hartford.

This is what happened. Dr. May took Great care of me! He asked me questions as to what happened and how much pain I was in. He began treatment immediately starting with Electric Muscle Stimulation and chiropractic adjustments. Two days later is when we started with the MLS Laser Therapy. Meeting with Dr. May 3 times a week for MLS Laser Therapy and doing my stretches and exercises, great results began happening.

I am now back to work and almost 100%. My back pain is gone and I’m feeling much better. Thanks to Dr. May and the MLS Laser Therapy, I an well today. ( Just like Star Trek with Dr. McCoy with his laser Pen!)

Sincerely, Richie C. Kensington, CT

Highly recommend May Chiropractic. I see Dr May when I am in pain because I overdue something (like shoveling or yard work) and also see him for a chronic condition. Bottom line is that he helps me feel better and function better. Appointments are easy to make and there is typically no wait time. Staff is courteous, professional and good at what they do.

Yara M.

I was diagnosis with bursitis in my right hip 2 years ago. Nothing worked. Physical therapy was a waste of time. I decided to start going to May Chiropractor again to see if they could help me. They told me about Laser Therapy, I thought I would give it a try. Good thing I did ! It worked !
It helped me a lot !! I’m not having the extreme pain like I did. I can sleep on my right side again with no pain with the bursitis. Thank you Dr. May !! I recommend it if you have constant pain & you’re totally fed up,like I was ! I love getting my back adjusted & my neck cracked too !!

Angela F.